Spring 2018


LIF 101: The Heroic Journey

The First-Year Seminar is required of all new students majoring in Liberal Arts: Social Science and Humanities. Its goals are to introduce students to the liberal arts, help students transition to campus culture, develop a better understanding of the learning process, and acquire academic skills. Taught by liberal arts faculty and supported by peers, advisors, co-curricular professionals, this course addresses issues related to contemporary college life and majors within liberal arts. 

LIF 101.454A's theme is the Heroic Journey. We use the metaphor of a journey to think about where you are beginning your college career, where you're headed, and how to confront and succeed the many challenges ahead! 

This class, designed especially for first semester students, is a great way to become acclimated to college life. It's a course I enjoy teaching because we get to talk about how to make the most out of college. 



LIF 101 Daily Schedule

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ENG/ENA 101:  Composition I

In this section of English 101, we are going to focus on one of the essentials of being a good writer: how your ideas are shaped by outside information and how you can best work with research, pulling other people’s ideas into your own writing. If you can master this skill, then college-level writing will be a breeze for you because it’s the skill at the heart of all college writing, no matter what discipline you choose to study.

You need to demonstrate mastery over the ability to present your original, exciting and fresh ideas in context with what you are learning: not all of your ideas are your own. Part of the amazing college journey is learning new things all of the time. So, how do you incorporate those ideas into your own work ethically?

This course is about being a writer: how we write, why we write, and how to make that writing matter!


ENG 101 Daily Schedule

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 Photo Credit: Book Fountain, Cincinnati Public Library - © 2012 Jean-François Schmitz  https://www.flickr.com/photos/jiheffe/8477952069

Photo Credit: Book Fountain, Cincinnati Public Library - © 2012 Jean-François Schmitz https://www.flickr.com/photos/jiheffe/8477952069

ENG 280: Introduction to Children's Literature

I have a passion for children's literature, or kid lit, as it's known in the industry. I actively write for kids and I read and study kid lit voraciously. I believe that kid lit is some of the most powerful writing in the world because it opens up new worlds to young readers and has the potential to shape their world. It's a place for great imagination, wild adventures, and to learn about the world, both real and imagined. What could possibly be better than that?

In our course, we will cover a wide range of historic and contemporary kid lit, learning how the field has changed over time. You are going to be reading. A lot. And, you'll love it. The reading for this course is going to be different than any other reading you've done. Welcome to our wild adventure! I can't wait to get started.


ENG 280 Daily Schedule