Ready for action at AAC&U!

Ready for action at AAC&U!

ePortfolios, Tech & Writing

“ePortfolios, as a space for synthesis, with their multimodal composing abilities, with their portability, allow students to engage in reflective dialogue over time, meaning making across courses, curriculum, and experiences. Who students are now, in a given moment, is not who they will always be. Thus, engaging students in a habit and practice that they can apply long after they leave us suggests that ePortfolio is a pedagogy of integration, an evolving gestalt with space and time for growth, change, and meaning making.”
Clark, J. Elizabeth. “From Selfies to Self-Representation in Electronically Mediated Reflection: The Evolving Gestalt Effect in ePortfolios” in Kathleen Blake Yancey’s A Rhetoric of Reflection (2016).

I regularly present and write about ePortfolio, teaching with technology, writing, and contemporary pedagogy. I have done workshops on ePortfolio, basic writing, writing & technology, assessment, and technology at colleges and universities such as:

College of St. Elizabeth, Dixie State University, Dutchess County Community College, Fairfield University, Fresno City College, Guttman Community College, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Long Island University, Manhattanville College, Muhlenberg College, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Old Dominion University, Otterbein College, Philadelphia University, San Mateo Community College, Sweet Briar College, University of New Haven, Wagner College, William Paterson University, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Here are some sample presentations to give you a sense of my work. 

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I am fascinated by the gestalt: how ePortfolios help students to integrate personal, professional, educational, and other interests.

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ePortfolio 101

What's an ePortfolio? What do they look like? What's the purpose of ePortfolios? Where are they done? What is the landscape of ePortfolios in higher education?  This presentation was developed for AAC&U's 2018 Signature Work & Integrative Learning Institute.

ePortfolio & Integrative Learning

Exploring ePortfolios, Reflection, and Integrative Learning, this presentation was developed for AAC&U's 2018 Signature Work & Integrative Learning Institute where we explored ePortfolios as a tool for highlighting & documenting integrative learning. 


ePortfolios for Project Based Learning

Developed for Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Project Based Learning Institute in June 2018, this presentation explores the intersections of ePortfolio & PBL pedagogies.

ePortfolios for Project Based Learning planning sheet

This worksheet, part of the presentation, was intended as a conversation starter for participants to envision the role of ePortfolios in project-based learning.

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Although older, this is one of my favorite articles (and presentations!)


I continue to be fascinated by questions about how technology shapes writing. This is perhaps one of my favorite all-time presentations, designed to pair with my article, The Digital Imperative. While some parts of that article are now dated, much of my approach to teaching writing with technology remains the same: how do we help students rethink what writing means in a digital age and prepare them to be successful contemporary writers? This is also a presentation based on my favorite article that I've written, "The Digital Imperative."

Digital Imperative Supplement


This presentation explores 3 themes:

1. Broadening the definition of digital literacies;
2. A new tradition of didactic children’s literature;
3. An emerging language and form of writing.


I am interested in a variety of writing & tech, higher education & tech, and technology in literature themes. This is a recent presentation I gave (which is part of a new body of work) on hacking as a cultural competency. 

Hack/Ability: From Cultural Magic to Core Competency