Curriculum Vitae Highlights

Academic Appointment: 

Professor of English, LaGuardia Community College--CUNY 

What's New?

  • I’ll be on research sabbatical in 2019-2020, working on a new book.

  • What, Exactly, Are We Amplifying? A Decade of AAC&U’s ePortfolio Forum,” The International Journal of ePortfolio, 9.1 (2019).

  • I’m on the faculty for the WPI Project Based Learning Institute and the AAC&U Integrative Learning Summer Institute (Summer 2019).

  • I'm one of the new Consulting Editors for Change magazine (2018)

  • I've just joined the editorial board of the International Journal of ePortfolio as an associate editor (2018)

Writing for Kids (@Liz Summit):

For my recent kidlit, please see

Current Professional Academic Service: 

  • Summer Institute Faculty, "Institute on Project-Based Learning" at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (June 2016-present).

  • Teaching English in a Two Year College: reviewer (2014-present).

  • International Journal of ePortfolio: reviewer (2011-present).

  • Institute Faculty, "Engaging Departments Institute," American Association of Colleges and Universities (2009-present).

  • Basic Writing eJournal, editorial board (2009-present).

  • Conference on Basic Writing (CBW) Board Member and past co-chair, (2008-present).

Selected Academic Publications: 

Selected Poetry Publications: 

  • "Burrowing," The Potomac, (2009).

  • "Mad Anna" and "What Kind of Poem Is This?" published under the umbrella title "Longing," Ars Medica, 3.2 (2007)

  • "Subway Analogies," WOMB, 1.1 (2007).

  • "Fairy Tales" and "Day's Break," The Paterson Literary Review, 33 (2004).

  • "Resident's Notes: Chief Complaint--1 a.m." Poets Against the War Website, Featured "Poem of the Day" on 21 March 2003.

  • "Testing for Birthdays," The Santa Clara Review (Spring 2003).

  • "Two Photographs" and "Dress Rehearsal" New Writer (May/June 2002).

  • "What is Owed" Curbside Review (Fall 2001).

  • "A Love Poem" Edgz (Winter/Spring 2001).

  • "Dream Slut" and "Pen Pals" New Writer (Fall 2000).

  • "Emily Chooses A Wife," "Chanting Exhaustion," "La Curandera," and "El Agua," RiverSedge (Spring 1999).

  • "A Garden in His Mind, His Hands," The Comstock Review (Spring 1998).

  • "On Wednesday I Spoke of Mary" A&U: America's AIDS Magazine (August 1997).

Highlighted Presentations:

  • "The Future of Liberal Education in the New Learning Ecosystem," featured session with Randy Bass, José Antonio Bowen, and Gardner Campbell, American Association of Colleges and University's Centennial Meeting (23 January 2015).

  • "The Future of Basic Writing II" with Heidi Johnson. Online YouTube Video of a talk for at the CUNY Graduate Center for Comp Comm Committee, (May 2014).

    • My thanks to Sean Malloy, producer, director and editor and his co-producers Robert Greco and Andrew Lucchesi!

  • "Digital Yesterdays, Digital Tomorrows: The Social Life of Information and the Shape of Writing Instruction," CUNY Mina Shaughnessy Lecture with Kathleen Blake Yancey (6 December 2013).

  • "There's Nothing Basic About Basic Writing," interactive on-line and in-person conversation and presentation via Adobe Connect, Facebook, and Twitter with Elaine Jolayemi, Leigh Jonaitis, Ilene Rubenstein, Debra Berry, Maria Klages, Carla Maroudas, and Amy Edwards Patterson. This presentation featured month of pre-conference on-line discussion on key topics in basic writing, followed by the conference presentation. College Composition and Communication Conference, Las Vegas, NV (14 March 2013).

  • "Facebooking the Classroom? Digital Media Strategies To Enhance Writing," preconference workshop with Kathleen Blake Yancey, AAC&U General Education and Assessment Meeting, Boston, MA (February 2013).

  • "There's Nothing Basic About Basic Writing," interactive on-line and in-person conversation and presentation via Adobe Connect, Facebook, and Twitter with Elaine Jolayemi, Carla Maroudas, Ilene Rubenstein, Amy Edwards Patterson, J. Elizabeth Clark, Leigh Jonaitis, Marisa Klages, Debra Berry, Kelly Keane and Shelley Rodrigo. This presentation featured month of pre-conference on-line discussion on key topics in basic writing, followed by the conference presentation. College Composition and Communication Conference, Saint Louis, MO (24 March 2012).

  • "ePortfolios from the Ground Up: Planning, Creating, Implementing," half-day preconference workshop with Bret Eynon, American Association of Colleges and University's Annual Meeting, Washington, DC (25 January 2012).

  • The Fragile Dream: ePortfolio, At-Risk Students, and College Success,” Keynote Address (luncheon), American Association of Colleges and University's ePortfolio Forum, San Francisco, CA (29 January 2011).

  • “Ten Years Later: ePortfolio and Assessment. Learning, Changing, and Closing the Feedback Loop” with Marisa A. Klages. IUPUI 2010 Assessment Institute, Indianapolis, IN (24-26 October 2010).

  • "Technology and The Academic Zeitgeist: Te(ch)-ing in the Two Year College and Beyond," a full day preconference workshop with Carlos A. Hernandez and Marisa A. Klages at the College Composition and Communication Conference, Louisville, KY (17-20 March 2010).

  • "Make It Real: Learning, Assessment & ePortfolio at an Urban Community College," Keynote with Bret Eynon at the American Association of Colleges and University's ePortfolio Symposium--The Search for VALUE: Innovation, Economic Uncertainty, and ePortfolio Assessment, Washington, DC (20 January 2010).

  • "Assessment, in a Word, is Good: Taking the Next Steps in Student-Centered Assessment," Keynote Address, Basic Skills Conference, Fresno City College, Fresno, CA (24 April 2009).

  • "From Paper to Screen: Are We Still Having This Conversation? Transforming a Writing Program One Classroom at a Time," College Composition and Communication Conference, San Francisco, CA (11-14 March 2009).

  • "Rhetoric in the 21st Century: The Digital Imperative," The International Conference on Teaching and Learning, Jacksonville, Florida (14-18 April 2008).

  • "Reclaiming the Classroom: Two Year Colleges and Innovative Self-Assessment" with Professor Marisa Klages, Professor Linda Chandler, and Dr. Michelle Pacht at the College Composition and Communication Conference, New Orleans, LA (3-5 April 2008).

  • "First-Year Academies: Facilitating Engagement and Success in the First Year of College," 2007 Bellwether Award Winning Presentation with Vice-President Peter Katopes, Dean Paul Arcario and Assistant Dean Bret Eynon at the 2007 Community College Futures Assembly, Orlando, Florida (28-30 January 2007).

  • "Building an ePortfolio Program," a day-long workshop with Assistant Dean Bret Eynon, Vice-Provost Terrel Rhodes, San Mateo Community College (19 July 2006).

  • “Electronic Portfolios, Writing Classrooms, and College Programs: Practices, Theories, Issues, and Challenges,” with Dr. Michael Day, and Dr. Kathleen Blake Yancey as Co-Leaders of the 2006 WPA Assessment Institute, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (13 July 2006).

  • "No Metaphors, No “Happening Adjectives,” No New Line Breaks: Black Milk and Tory Dent’s Oppositional Witness," CUNY Conference on Contemporary Poetry, New York, New York (3-6 November 2005).

  • "The Second Space: Allende, Valenzuela, and Negotiating Home," Vernacular: The International Colloquium for Vernacular, Hispanic and Folkloric Studies, Puebla, Mexico (25-29 October 2005).

  • "Citizen Cancer: "Nationless" Women in a Sick World," 2005 Women & Society Conference, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York (23-24 September 2005).

Past Academic Service:

  • Coordinator for Accelerated Learning Basic Writing Course (ENA 101) at LaGuardia Community College: administering ENA 101 course, providing faculty professional development, creating curriculum materials (2014-present).

  • Strong Start to Finish Faculty Coach for ENA 101 (2018-2019)

  • Convener & Facilitator of the ENA 101 Work Group and Course Curriculum Revision at LaGuardia Community College (2017-2018).

  • English 099 Curriculum Revision Working Group, member at LaGuardia Community College (2018).

  • ePortfolio Leadership at LaGuardia including: I have served as a member of the Research Team, as one of the pilot faculty members, as Interim ePortfolio Director, and as part of the Assessment Leadership Team, working extensively with ePortfolio since 2002. I often work with LaGuardia's Center for Teaching and Learning during the academic year as a faculty leader for various professional development seminars using ePortfolio such as the Capstone Seminar and the Digital by Design seminar. I also co-led the ePortfolio Leadership Team.  (2002-2017). 

  • Selected Past Professional Service at LaGuardia including: The Capstone and Integrative Learning Faculty Development Seminar Leader at LaGuardia Community College (2016-2017); Digital By Design Faculty Development Seminar Leader at LaGuardia Community College (2015-2017); Taking College Teaching Seriously Faculty Coach: serving as a mentor for faculty in the Kresge-funded TCTS project facilitating weekly on-line conversations and feedback for pedagogy circles (2015); General Education Maps and Markers Project, Digital Working Group, American Association of Colleges and Universities (2014-2015); CCC Editorial Board Member (2010-2013); College Composition and Communication Conference Stage I Reviewer (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), Assessment Leadership Team at LaGuardia Community College, and primary writer for LaGuardia's Middle States Assessment chapter (Standard 14 text and Standard 14 appendix materials, 2011-2012); Global Skills for College Completion, a two year research project with 26 faculty from across the United States examining their practice as basic skills faculty, seeking to create a model for a more effective basic skills pedagogy (2010-2012); Modern Language Association (MLA) Member on the Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession (2005-2008, member; 2006-2008, committee co-chair); Carnegie Foundation/AACU Integrated Learning Project Team Member for LaGuardia Community College (2004-2006); Radical Teacher Editorial Board Member (1998-2008); Managing Editor, Radical Teacher (Fall 2001-January 2008); Writing By Degrees, founding member (1997-2000).

Selected Current Community Service:

  • New York Aquarium Dive Team Leader & Diver (2012-present)

  • Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator (2008-present)


Ph.D. / English & American Literature, Binghamton University

Dissertation: Miles of Poems/Culture of Blame: Advocacy, Activism and the Poetry of AIDS explores the seven sources of AIDS poetry—Anthologies, Writing Groups, Performances, Literary Magazines, the Internet, the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, and the work of prominent AIDS poets—in conjunction with my own poetry of AIDS. I argue that the poetry of AIDS, in the aesthetic tradition of Whitman, Sandburg, and Lindsay, creates a vehicle to mirror the national consciousness about this pandemic. AIDS poetry is democratic, written and published by professional and amateur poets alike, serving as a written witness to the many facets of life with AIDS. Accordingly, this poetry works as both advocacy and activism, accompanying and recording history, becoming history itself as the poetic works about AIDS call for social change. The theoretical lens for this work calls on feminist, Marxist, and queer literary theory to analyze the poetry of AIDS. Original poetry serves as section dividers, building on the theoretical and analytical themes throughout the dissertation. Co-Directors: Susan Strehle and Leslie Heywood.  Committee Members: Lennard Davis and Sidonie Smith.

Field Exam Areas: American Poetry and Poetic Theory, Latino/Latina Literature, 20th Century American Literature (Field Exam Area)

Additional Certifications: Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies, College Teaching in English

M.A. / English Literature & Creative Writing, Binghamton University

Thesis: Boxes in the Attic (original poetry). Director: Ruth Stone

B.A. / Creative Writing & History, Lycoming College

Honors Thesis (Creative Writing): Lifting the Stable (original poetry)
Director: Penelope Austin; Committee Members: G.W. Hawkes, Gary Boerckel

Honors Thesis (History): Spiralling Dreams of the Susquehanna: A Study of Local Creative Writers
Director: John F. Piper; Committee Members: Robert H. Larson, Gary Hafer, Robert VanVoorst

Complete c.V. available upon request

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