There are many robust and exciting examples of ePortfolio Galleries and Showcases available on the web. Since I am often asked for examples, I have compiled this list (which is updated frequently). There are 4 sections: general showcases, examples by discipline, case studies, and materials for creating syllabi. Feel free to suggest other portfolios & resources in the comments section!

General Showcases (Multidisciplinary)

Graduate work: Stanford University

The Portfolio to Professional ePortfolio Project at Stanford University

By Discipline


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Communication and Theater Arts

Computer Science

Continuing Education

Distance Learning



English Composition (WPA)

Foreign Languages

Global Health

Health Sciences


Political Science and Geography

Sociology and Criminal Justice

Visual Arts

In-Depth Case Studies

  • Catalyst for Learning

Available on-line:           

Created by 24 campuses in the Connect to Learning project, this site demonstrates and deepens the value of ePortfolio to higher education. It offers data, practices and strategies, showing how ePortfolio can advance learning, deepen pedagogy and assessment, and support institutional change. Case studies are arranged by topic and also by institution. This is a rich and detailed resource.

  • Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research

Available on-line:

Facilitated by Kathleen Blake Yancey, Barbara Cambridge, and Darren Cambridge, this multi-year research project brings together 10 cohorts of campuses to study ePortfolio practices. Each cohort studies a key aspect of ePortfolio for three years. All of the cohort findings are public and available on the web.

Sample Materials for Creating Syllabi and Assignments

Syllabi Samples

Sample Introductions to ePortfolio

Reflection Assignment Examples

Scholarly Readings:

ePortfolio Assignments

Sample ePortfolio Rubrics and Prep Assignments